BIONEUCE  Antibacterial Paint


Water-based paint with active ingredients that provide antibacterial protection, being effective through the whole film’s lifetime. The paint is formulated with vinyl copolymers, pigments and fillers of high quality, providing an excellent resistance to wet scrubbing (easy to clean). Additionally, it inhibits the development of fungi, even in favorable environments.
  • It inhibits the bacterial growth (up to 99.99%), including pathogenic bacteria.
  • It inactivates the deposited bacteria within 48 hours after the paint has been applied.
  • Long lasting antibacterial properties. This effect remains unaltered throughout the paint film’s lifespan.
  • The active ingredient does not leach or wash out.


This paint is intended to be applied on interior walls whenever a silky finish is pretended. It is suitable to be used on the most varied type of plaster, flat and sand-finish, concrete, cement, stucco, etc..


The application is performed using a paint-brush, roller or a spraygun, with 2 to 3 coats

Recommended coats: 2


Coverage: 14 m2/L

Thinning: Water 10% / 5-10%

Guidance value per coat.