Color and Personality   

Your personality

A sua personalidade

The color reflects more than the property of a space. The colors are the mirror of your personality. They say a lot about the way you live life. Before choosing a color, think about your way of being in life; are you outgoing and flippant or do you like discretion; are you sophisticated or simple and conventional; do you like to socialize with friends and family or do you prefer peace and quiet? 

For an irreverent person, being in a beige environment can be boring, while for a discreet person who enjoys calm surroundings, red tones, even a whole room, can make them feel uncomfortable.

Choose a set of colors with which you can identify.

How do you live your home?

como vive a sua casa

Is your home your haven where you wish to relax and rest, or is it the place where you feel most comfortable and like to have fun and socialize with family and friends?

Identify which areas of your home you wish to create welcoming and calm environments in, which areas are intended for socializing and playing, and which areas are for work and study. The hall is where your guests first come into contact with your home and so it should be painted with warm tones. The living-rooms are usually used for social areas and are, therefore, more appropriate for having more intense and vibrant colors, however, if it is your favorite area to relax, then choose neutral shades so as to achieve a more peaceful and welcoming ambience. The bedrooms are more intimate spaces where rest and relaxation are essential, and so the colors used in these spaces should normally be smooth and calm. Kitchens are usually more operational and practical areas where white tends to work very well, but they can also be areas for eating and having family meals, therefore, in these situations more energetic and cheerful colors can be used, or intimate and romantic settings, with colors like pink and green, can be created.