Chromatic harmonies / triadic

As important as the fact that we like or identify ourselves with a colour, is how the various colours of a particular environment relate with each other.There is a set of simple rules of harmonic relationships that help you combine various shades in order to obtain coherent and functional environments.

Circulo cromático   Monochrome
The use of a variety of shades of the same colour, from the lightest and softest to the darker and more intense, is the most appropriate combination for those who are not comfortable enough to risk and wish a safe combination.  

The use of neighbouring tones in the colour wheel makes it possible to achieve a harmonious blend with small variations, while maintaining the unity of the chromatic set.In this scheme, avoid the combination of warm tones with cold tones.

The combination of opposite colours on the colour wheel makes it possible to obtain coherent and dynamic environments.

A bold combination that fills the spaces with colour. It results from the use of the 3 colour tones that occupy the space defined by a triangle. Very dynamic, this combination makes coherence arise from variety.