Dilution : 5-10%
Diluted with: Water
Coverage: 11 m2/L
Obs. Coverage: Guidance value per coat.
Painting Guide
Painting Guide


Water-based Metallic Enamel
Interior/Exterior - Metallic effect painting on wood, metal, plaster, stucco, fiber cement, carapa.
100% water-based acrylic enamel, with a metallic effect, which is designed for various types of finishes, on a wide range of substrates, both indoors and outdoors. It has good color retention and resistance to fungus and algae. Its versatility is the range of colors it allows for, making it an enamel with great decorative power, giving the environments a strong character. Washable. Odorless. Excellent Adhesion. Metallic effect.
Application by brush, roller or spray gun in 2 to 3 coats.